Collect Calendars in a Single View

Roll-up and organize calendar events from SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange (2007SP1, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Exchange Online), Google or External Content Type into one calendar in SharePoint for straightforward planning of tasks or projects.

Color Code calendar events

Color-coding calendar events based on different calendar sources, event types or specific conditions to make it easy to identify and categorize information, better to track your meetings and schedules.

Drag and Drop to Rearrange Events

To rearrange the date of an event, simply drag and drop it. To change the events timeframe, just stretch the event to incorporate the correct time duration for the event. Changes can be automatically synced to the data sources.

Display Multiple Calendars Views

Calendar Rollup provides several basic calendar views. You can view your calendar events in Day, Week, Month or Agenda view.

The Agenda view shows a list of calendar events in chronological order and divided by headers denoting Calendar Time, Duration, Title, Location, Description, Event Type, Recurrence and Category, enabling users to view all events at a glance.

Quick Access to Event Details through Tooltip

Define columns to be displayed in a tooltip interface when a user hovers over events. This allows users to retrieve essential information quickly, without leaving a page.

Filter Events by Conditions

Filter events by columns and conditions to track events faster and more conveniently. Users can use And/Or operators to create complex but powerful filter criteria to narrow down events, thus quickly find specific events.

Print Calendar Events

Users can quickly and easily print any calendar view (Day, Week, Month, Agenda View, filtered view) or save the calendar view as a PDF file so that they can conveniently check events anytime, anywhere.

Access Control for Calendar Events

Control user access to calendar events. You can maintain SharePoint default permission settings for users or only allow specific users to add, edit or delete calendar events on the web part. Make it ensure privacy and security while sharing calendar events.

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