The preferred method of payment is PayPal. You can either purchase BoostSolutions products via PayPal account or via credit card. If you would like to purchase a Site Collection License/Farm License where the total number of end-users is greater than 900, we will generate a PayPal purchase link and send it to you in an email (paying via purchase link does not require that you have a PayPal account).
Secure Purchase Link:
If purchasing our products through PayPal is not possible for you, then you may contact sales@boostsolutions.com to get a secure purchase link generated and then emailed to you. Here you may pay with a credit card online, by phone, or by fax.
Bank Transfer:
If purchasing our products through PayPal or via a secure purchase link is not possible for you, then you may contact us to get bank information for a wire transfer. Note that you are responsible for any bank transfer fees.
If you do not specify one currency from USD, HKD, JPY, or EUR, we will take USD as the default payment currency.

Yes, we accept purchase orders from our customers, for more details on purchasing via PO, please contact sales@boostsolutions.com.

A request for a refund will only be granted if it is received BEFORE the license code has been sent. Once BoostSolutions has sent you a license code, the sale is considered final. We recommend that you take advantage of the 30-day trial period to download and test the product. This should allow you to fully test and make sure the product meets your needs before making a final purchase decision.

For detailed information regarding BoostSolutions's Premium Annual Support plan, please visit our support page.
Premium Annual Support must be renewed each year. Support fees are charged per license per year.

Yes. We can offer quotes or invoice in US dollars (USD), Euros (EUR), and Japanese yen (JPY).

A minor release contains bugs fixes and minor feature changes (e.g. 1.0 to 1.1). Major releases include significant feature additions and enhancements (e.g. 1.x to 2.0), and Major releases (usually with significant functionality added) require the payment of an upgrade fee. However, if you purchase our Premium Annual Support plan, then all major and minor releases are free for one year.

After migrate or upgrade to a new SharePoint server, such as from 2013 to 2016, you will need to contact sales@boostsolutions.com to renew the product license.
However, if you already purchase PAS (Premium Annual Support) and it’s valid, you will get a new license for free.

Yes. If you have 5 site collections, you have to purchase 5 licenses. However, in this situation we recommend you purchase a farm license. Please contact sales@boostsolutions.com for assistance.

The licenses for our software are based on the Site Collection ID, not on the server. If you back-up/restore the data without changing the Site Collection ID, then you do not need a new license. However, if you transplant or migrate data to new servers, you will need a new license if and only if the site collection ID changes.

To Install BoostSolutions products, please refer to general installation guide.

Please download the product and install it in SharePoint. Open the site collection in which you want to use the product, and login as the site collection administrator. Find the site collection features in the site settings page, and then activate the product feature in the Site Collection features list page. After that you can use the product.

This is because you do not have permission to install the product. Please log in as administrator of the server and try again.

You do not have permission to access and make changes to your registry. Please login as administrator of the server and try again.

The installation program will check the web.config file. If the web.config is not in a standard format or is invalid for some reason, it will show this error.
If you don't need to install the add-ons in this web application, you can ignore it and check if these add-ons have been installed in other web applications. (If not, please re-install the add-on and don't select the invalid web application when installing.)

A "conflicting solution detected" error indicates that you have an older version of the same product installed (the product causing the error will be indicated by BoostSolutions.xxx.wsp). To resolve this error, retract the solution using the previous major version of the BoostSolutions product installer (available here), and then install the latest version of the product using the most recent installer. Your original settings will not be affected.
NB: If you are using an old version of the product and you received the formal license code from SPB on or before December 2009, you will need to contact sales@boostsolutions.com for a license compatibility upgrade. This upgrade is required for the software to function. This upgrade is FREE OF CHARGE.

The error may be caused by the conflict between the installation and auto backup. Stop the automatic backup in the central administration, then install the program again, or install the product when there is no backup in progress.
You can deploy the solution manually by following these steps:
a. In Centeral Administration, on the Home page, click System Settings section.
b. In the Farm Management section, click Manage farm solutions.
c. On the Solution Management page, click the link of the product you want to install (e.g., "boostsolutions.sharepoint.xxx.wsp").
d. On the Solution Properties page, click Deploy Solution.
e. On this page, choose the web application in the Deploy To section, and then click OK.
Then the solution will be deployed on the specified web application manually.

The cause of the problem may be that the setup files have not been deployed on the appropriate web applications. To resolve this, uninstall the product, and then reinstall it making sure that the web applications are selected on the "Deployment Targets" page during the installation.

Please check if you have activated the feature in Site Collection feature list. To learn more about how to activate the feature, please refer to the Installation Web page of each product.

You don't need to uninstall the software when upgrading to a new version, and you don't need another license.

You don't need to reboot server or IIS after installing the product.

This error indicates that some product assembly files are locked on SharePoint servers. Try the following methods to fix this error:
•Restart IIS on all SharePoint servers
• Restart timer job services on all SharePoint servers
• If the above methods do not work, try unlocking the assembly files on the server.
After the above methods have been tried, reinstall the product.

We offer 3 license models: Server License, Farm License, and Site Collection License.
Server License is licensed per web front-end server. This means that every SharePoint front-end server requires a separate license.
Site Collection License: A Site Collection License (with an end-user number limit) can be applied to one site collection only.
Farm license: A Farm License (with an end-user number limit) can be used across all site collections within a SharePoint farm.

Server License: Each Web Front End (WFE) will require a Server License, typically all servers running the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application" service will need to be licensed. BoostSolutions Server Licenses do NOT limit the number of end-users.
Farm License: A Farm License can be used across all site collections within a SharePoint farm; however the maximum number of users within each site collection is limited by the end-user number limit provided by your license. For example, a 400-end user Farm License means that the number of users within a site collection should not exceed 400.
Site Collection License: A Site Collection License (with end-user number limit) can be applied to one site collection only, you would need to make sure the number of end-users is within the end-user number limit provided by your license.
To find out the number of end-users you have in your site collection/farm, please check the license management page (this will appear after you install the trial version of our software on your SharePoint servers), or download and run the free End User Viewer Tool available here: https://www.boostsolutions.com/end-user-viewer-tool.html.

BoostSolutions’app licenses can be purchased as an annual subscription. You can license a single site collection or the whole tenant, depending on the size of your business.
Upgrades and technical support are always included.

A site subscription can only be applied to a SharePoint Online site collection. A tenant subscription can be applied to a whole tenant.
Both site and tenant subscriptions do not have an end-user limitation.

Server Licenses are better if you would like to use the product without site collection or end-user restrictions.
A Site Collection License/Farm License is better if you only want to use the product in one site collection/farm and the number of end-users is unlikely to grow rapidly or change frequently.
If you are still unsure as to which license type is best for you, please email sales@boostsolutions.com for assistance.

BoostSolutions offers 50% discount off the list license price for DEV/TEST environment. This will be only applied if it is purchased together with the license for production environment in the same order.

Yes, BoostSolutions can offer discount on condition that you can provide proof that your organization is a registered non-profit, please contact sales@boostsolutions.com for the discount.

Yes, we do. Just navigate to the Partners page to fill out an application form. As a partner, you will receive a discounted reseller price, access to additional support channels, and specific quotes.

Yes, BoostSolutions can offer discount on condition that you can provide proof that your organization is a registered non-profit, please contact sales@boostsolutions.com for the discount.

End-users do NOT affect Server Licenses. An end-user count is only needed for a Site Collection License or Farm License.
An end-user is defined as any user who has access to, or has accessed any site in your Site Collection/Farm at any point in time, either directly (e.g. signing in) or indirectly (e.g. assigning him a task). And the number of end-users in the site collection means the total number of users across all sites in the site collection.
Once a user has accessed a site in the site collection/farm, he is counted, regardless of whether or not this user is active on the site where the product is used . For example, while you may only have 50 users who would need to use the product on Site A in the site collection, there are 360 users accessing Site B (including the 50 accessing Site A), making a total of 360 users with access to the site collection. Since Site A and Site B are in the same site collection, you would need to purchase a license for at least 360 users. BoostSolutions licenses increase in increments of 100 users, so if there are 360 people who have access to the site collection, you will need to purchase a 400 end-user license.

Please note that end-users do NOT affect Server Licenses.
If the current end-user amount exceeds the amount of end-users allowed by your Site Collection License/Farm License, the original functions and settings of the software will NOT be influenced until you change them (e.g. additions, deletions, modifications, etc.)
You can either use our End User Viewer Tool to delete some inactive or disabled SharePoint users (https://www.boostsolutions.com/end-user-viewer-tool.html) or upgrade your license with more end-users.The cost of a license upgrade is equal to the price difference between the old and new licenses, plus a standard fee of 50 USD applied to all upgrates submitted. For example, if you had purchased a 200 end-user license for $500 and now you want to upgrade to a 300 end-user license (Price: $600), you only need to pay the difference (600-500=$100) plus the standard upgrade fee ($50), therefore in total $150. It also applied to Farm License.

No. If the user was disabled in Active Directory, he/she will not be counted in the site collection or farm license.

Please note that adding an additional server/replacing an old server with a new one will NOT affect Site Collection Licenses/Farm Licenses. Please contact sales@boostsolutions.com for more information only if your Site Collection ID/Farm ID has changed.
However, if you are using Server Licenses for an BoostSolutions product and you subsequently add an additional WFE to your environment, you will need to purchase another Server License. Also, if you elect to replace an old server with a new server, and the Server Code subsequently changes, you will need to contact sales@boostsolutions.com for more information.

To find your Server Code or Site Collection ID/Farm ID, please check the license management page (this will appear after you install the trial version of our software on your SharePoint servers – for help finding this information, please email support@boostsolutions.com, or download and install the free BoostSolutions Foundation here: https://www.boostsolutions.com/boostsolutions-foundation.html.

Yes. Since the license is generated based on the specific site collection ID/farm ID/server CODE, which means, once the site collection ID/farm ID/server CODE is changed, the original license CODE would be invalid as well. You need to contact our sales team(sales@boostsolutions.com ) for further assistance.

Typically, we offer fully functional trials of BoostSolutions product (except several products).
The trial period for all BoostSolutions products is 30 days.

To have your products trial extended, please contact our sales team: sales@boostsolutions.com with your product name and we'd be happy to assist.
Please note that a trial license can only be extended once.

You do NOT need to uninstall the trial version. To switch from the trial version to the standard version, you just have to enter the license code.

No, the BoostSolutions product license is perpetual. However, there may be a fee to upgrade from one major version to another.
Please contact sales@boostsolutions.com for more information.

Please make sure your web part product has been deployed to the current web application correctly. This can be checked in Central Administration.

Click Start Menu > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. There you can find Windows SharePoint Services Administration service.

The software is the server version. Please note that the software is licensed per site collection or farm, not per server.

Our product is a site collection feature but not a site feature. Please login as administrator and find it in site collection feature list.

Our products are not supported by WSS2.0 or SharePoint 2003.

Our products are not supported by WSS3.0 or SharePoint 2007.

The license code is generated from the Site Collection ID. This means that you cannot use the license on a site collection other than the one for which the license code was generated.

Yes, it is expected behaviour. ECM Framework is foundation of some products, so it is required to be installed and activated, you can leave it like that.

Please deploy solution to Central Administration Web Application.
The deployment to Central Administration is not required, but is workaround for registering license in such scenario, you can retract it from Central Administration web application later.

This is probably because you installed the product by stsadm command line, the setting link cannot be generated automatically in this way. You need to download and add another wsp file into the server from this link:
/software/FoundationSetup.zip .