Document Management

  • Batch Check In

  • Document Viewer

  • Document Maker

Classifier - Your ultimate content management web part

  • Bulk Properties Editor
  • Bulk Zip & Unzip
  • Item Audit Log
  • List Advanced Filter
  • List Transfer
  • Document Number Generator

More Web Parts

RichText Boost

Add flash movies, images, and other complex content to SharePoint list columns directly and automatically resize the rich text editor area.

Document & Item Reordering

Dramatically simplifies the process of reordering the rank of list items by allowing for manual rearrangement in all types of SharePoint lists.

Document Auto Title

A small but helpful tool that automatically sets the document title in SharePoint when the document is uploaded or modified.

Form Validation

Comes in handy when you wish to create or edit a list item in a form. Methods like Require, Compare, Range, Regular Expression are provided.

SharePoint PDF Converter

A lightweight solution that converts or merges MS Office files, images and more to PDF in SharePoint.

SharePoint Document Toolkit

Create, convert and share documents in SharePoint. A powerful toolkit to manage a document’s life cycle.