Create cascading drop down fields (e.g. Country ->State ->City) by building parent-child relationships between columns so that values in the child field get filtered or scoped according to what was selected in the parent field, thus narrowing down your choices. Learn More


Autocomplete allows users to quickly find and select from a pre-populated list of values as they type, leveraging both searching and filtering.


Cascaded Lookup provides you with a cross site function that gives you the ability to get data from different sites within the same site collection, thus broadening your lookup scope.


Filter retrieved data by one or more column(s) from the target list. This is a quick and easy way to filter a large data set, helping users pinpoint data they need quickly.


Four display styles are available to show retrieved values. They include: dropdown list, left <-> right box, grid view and item picker. Grid view is especially useful when handling a large set of values. Learn More


Automatically create a reverse lookup field when creating a Cascaded Lookup column. This enables you to build a bi-directional connection between items in the target and source list.
Learn More

Additional features to enhance your SharePoint lookup experience:
Filter items by select a pre-defined view in the target list.

Filter by View

Select a pre-defined view in the target list to filter items presented in the lookup field. This helps refine the values for selection.

Cascaded Lookup column can be used in the Calculated columns.

Available for Calculation

Out of the box SharePoint Lookup fields cannot be used for calculation. Cascaded Lookup column can be used in the "Calculated column" formula to perform calculations.

Add new items to the target list by using a quick link.

Direct Item Creation

Add new items to the target list using the "Create new item" link directly from the current item form, which accelerates your editing process.

Filter out duplicate values.

Remove Duplicate Items

Cascaded Lookup column provides the option to filter out duplicate values and display only one instance, ensuring more effective value retrieval.

Look up one column and display information from several columns.

Display Relevant Columns

Display relevant columns from the target list alongside the retrieved values on the Item View/Edit form, making it easier to view extra information.

Lookup to Date and Time, Calculated, Created, Modified and Version.

Various Supported Columns

Look up values from various columns: Single line of text, Number, Date and Time, Calculated, and some system reserved fields such as Created, Modified and Version.

Lookup to Name field of a document library.

Supports Document Name

Retrieve values from the "Name" field of a document library, allowing users to download a copy directly by clicking the file name on the Item View form.

Mark the Cascaded Lookup column with a icon.

Easy Identification with Icons

Mark Cascaded Lookup columns with ready-made or personalized icons, making columns readily identifiable and pleasing to the eye.

Reorder the additional columns which are related to a Cascaded Lookup column.

Reorder Additional Columns

Add additional columns from the target list to display in the source list and change the order of these columns.

Mark the Cascaded Lookup column with a icon.

Easy to create reverse field

Select or use an existing Cascaded Lookup column as reverse lookup field insteading of creating new one.

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