Aggregate Data from Different Sites

Efficiently and quickly pull relevant data from lists in different SharePoint sites for a combined view, making it easier to access, manage, sort, analyze and share data. Check out the performance here.

Various Views Available

A choice of Standard, Calendar or Gantt view is available to filter, sort or group data the way you want. The creation of these views is similar to those found in SharePoint list view.

Filter or Sort Items according to Column Header

Filter or sort items according to column headers in the views you created, helping you efficiently understand, locate or organize the information you need.

Manage Items Directly in the Web Part

You can manage an items permissions and version history as well as create, view, edit, delete and send an Alert Me email directly in the Web Part. Source lists will automatically update.

Supports SharePoint Filter Web Parts

SharePoint List collection supports two types of SharePoint filter Web Parts: Choice and Text. You can connect the List Collection Web Part to either of these Filters to get your desired results.

Export to Excel

Export collected and sorted data to Excel easily, for offline analysis or reporting. This saves you time and gives you a convenient way to view data.

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