SharePoint Password Reset Released

Zhonguancun, Bejing, China, 09/08/2011 BoostSolutions, a leading SharePoint web part provider, has released yet another power tool SharePoint Password Reset. This web part allows SharePoint users to reset their own password via security question or email, freeing SharePoint administrators from trivial password related work.

BoostSolutions is gaining momentum as they are yet releasing another product a few weeks after SharePoint Calendar Rollup has been introduced. SharePoint Password Reset is a simple web part but loaded with features that lets users reset their password right on their SharePoint page without asking for IT administrator’s help.

SharePoint Password Reset boasts of its customizable security questions that users can set themselves, as much as three security questions are possible. Default questions may also be set by the administrator for users to choose for their security questions.

The new password information is sent through the default email as well as an alternative email the user may set. Additionally, resetting a password may also be easy and simple because it is possible to reset it right on the web part. Alternatively, resetting password is also possible through a link sent through the email.

SharePoint Password Reset is so flexible that it supports Windows Based Authentication or Forms Based Authentication. SharePoint Password Reset is a very useful addition to SharePoint, as IT and administrator may be spared the trouble of resetting and reconfirming passwords of users that sometimes it takes up so much time that virtually work is done.

SharePoint Password Reset is the answer to allowing users manage their own password while administrator still has control over it.

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