• Measured Number Column
    Display number with a specific unit
    of measurement in a SharePoint list.

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    SharePoint measured number column
  • Excel Import
    Easily import data or records
    from an Excel spreadsheet
    to SharePoint

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    SharePoint Excel Import
  • Column/View Permission
    Manage column
    and view level permissions

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    SharePoint Column View Permission
  • Batch Check In
    Simultaneously upload
    and check in multiple documents

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    SharePoint Batch Check In
  • Data Integration Pack
    All 4 apps help you to integrate data
    from different sources into one place.

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    Data Integration Pack


Star Products for SharePoint On-Premises

Column View Permission

Enhance permission management in SharePoint on-premises by setting up column and view permissions, increasing data security and ensuring only authorized access to specific information.

Cascaded Lookup

Create cascading fields and apply filters to data retrieved from different sites within a SharePoint site collection.

Batch Check In

Upload and check in multiple documents at once to enhance productivity and streamline document management processes.

Alert Reminder Boost

Automatically send customized alerts when an item is created, modified, or deleted, and dispatch automated reminder emails for upcoming tasks and deadlines.

AD Information Sync

Automatically synchronize information bi-directionally between SharePoint and Active Directory for seamless data integration and consistency.


Document management system for SharePoint on-premises allows editing, organizing, discovering, sharing, and auditing for effective content management and collaboration.


Apps for Microsoft Office 365

Column Permission

Manage your SharePoint Online list by setting columns as invisible or read-only to control data visibility and modifications.

Excel Import

Import data directly from your Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint Online list with ease and efficiency.

Bulk Zip & Unzip

Compress or extract multiple files at once in SharePoint Online Document Library, enhancing efficiency.

Calendar Rollup

Overlay and organize multiple color-coded calendars in one centralized location on SharePoint Online for easy tracking and scheduling.

Cascaded Lookup

Establish a parent-child relationship between columns in SharePoint Online to easily filter and retrieve data from various sites within a site collection.

List Collection

Collect and organize documents or items from various SharePoint Online sites into a single view for streamlined access and management.

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