List Collection Feature List


Collect SharePoint lists/items from different sites to display in a single view

Display data in: Standard View, Calendar View or Gantt View

Supports the creation of Personal or Public view

Create and manipulate items the same as out-of-the-box SharePoint List View

Automatically or manually map fields between Excel spreadsheet and SharePoint list

Filter and sort items according to column headers

Group by columns

Supports SharePoint’s Choice and Text Filter

Export data to an Excel file

Supports filtering in Calendar View and Gantt View

Collect items from folders and subfolders

Faster Performance (version 3.0)

Supported Environments

Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Supported Languages




Simplified Chinese

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