The BoostSolutions Foundation is mainly designed to provide a centralized interface to manage licenses for all BoostSolutions software from within SharePoint Central Administration. It is a core component that is included in every product produced by BoostSolutions. To ensure that the BoostSolutions software are functioning as expect, the module MUST be installed on your server. However, by default the module is shipped with software installation package, and users don't need to download and install it separately.

This essential module delivers additional value-added options including the ability to quickly and easily access detailed software installation information, or manage licenses for BoostSolutions software in one centralized location. This offering includes these elements as the following:

  • - Manage licenses for BoostSolutions software from SharePoint Central Administration page
  • - Locate the Server Code, Farm ID or Site Collection ID for licensing use
  • - Check the activation status and version number for BoostSolutions software
  • - Check the expiration date for Premium Annual Support service
  • - Activate exiting software installation or navigate to our website to buy a license
  • BoostSolutions Foundation


    The BoostSolutions Foundation module does NOT automatically send any information to the BoostSolutions company, nor does it have a data communication with BoostSolutions servers. As well, the company, BoostSolutions, does NOT collect or store any private data from customers, including the browser cookies, organization information, or SharePoint environment info during the product activation process.

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