Cascaded Lookup 3.0 - Good news in cascade!

Cascaded Lookup, one of our favourite, is upgraded to version 3.0. So what can this field type do for you? Cascaded Lookup is so obvious you will wonder how you could do without it till today.

In many situations users have successive choices to make, often with dropdown menus, typically "Country" then "Province". Well thanks to Cascaded Lookup you will not have to display all provinces in the world but only the ones relevant for the chosen country. That is for the principle. Of course there are many refinements, like removing duplicates or filtering by view.

But the best comes with this version 3.0, like this functionality: filter lookup items by multiple columns. This means that the content of several fields is used to define the content of another. In this way when user chooses “created:2009” and “type:text”, he will be presented with a list of all text documents created in 2009.

The processing time is 2-4x faster. With such performance and continuing with our example above, you can restrain with ease the number of documents in the list by adding filtering levels like “location:USA” and “createdby:manager” and within seconds you will be presented with all text documents created in the USA by managers in 2009.

The number of cascading levels is now unlimited, you can for instance accommodate “Continent”, “Country”, “Province”, “County”, “City”, “Street”, “Building”, “Floor”etc.

Additional columns from lookup list can be displayed, for example when you display a city you can also show the “Zip code” column at the same time. Those extra columns are shown in a user-defined order.

New items in the source list are easily added with the use of a “Create new item” link. That easy.

These are only a few of the many innovations brought by version 3.0. Cascaded Lookup was great, we made it better for you.

More information on BoostSolutions website :

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