BoostSolutions Unveiled SharePoint Batch Check In 2.0

BoostSolutions, a leading SharePoint web part and add-on provider, announced SharePoint Batch Check In 2.0. It is a major upgrade of SharePoint Batch Check In with the same price. User can download a 30-day free trial BoostSolutions web site.

Because of easy to use and value-adding features, SharePoint Batch Check In has being a big hit since it was released three years ago. In particular, it easily helps users upload and check in multiple documents at one time. It can check in previously checked out documents in buck as well. With it, SharePoint users do not need to go through a lengthy process to check in files on by one. Best of all, these benefits are achieved without compromising SharePoint information security requirements.

This new upgrade has more important features as well as better compatibilities. As expected, it automatically enters the default value into columns. Users can also choose to overwrite the original none-black values of columns. Furthermore, it allows user to check in drafts that have been checked out to a local draft folder. Regarding to compatibility, it supports all kind of SharePoint columns including Managed Metadata, External Data and SharePoint Cascaded Lookup Column.

The upgraded SharePoint Batch Check in works with SharePoint 2010 and 2007, and it supports three languages, namely English, Japanese and German.

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