SharePoint Project Progress Monitor makes monotonous SharePoint lists more visual, allowing you to display numerical data visually in the form of percentage-based progress bars. Fully customizable settings allow for your choice in foreground and background colors, bar length, and where to display the actual, numeric percentage. The corresponding percentage data is displayed with the colored progress bar to ensure both SharePoint data visualization and numerical precision.

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor also has the capacity to display percentage values above 100 percent, making it easier to see when milestones or project goals are achieved and surpassed. Negative percentage values are also supported, maximizing usability without sacrificing statistical accuracy.

SharePoint Project web part.

With Project Progress Monitor, you can do:

  • Display SharePoint percentage data as a graphical progress bar;
  • Two-way conversion between raw numerical data and eye-catching color-coded progress bars;
  • Fully customizable color options, bar length settings, and minimum and maximum allowed values;
  • Supports percentage values above 100% and below 0%;
  • Option to display colored progress bar and numerical percentage together.
  • Real Time Web Analytics