BoostSolutions Announces SharePoint Site User Directory Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Site User Directory Web Part enables enumeration of SharePoint users within AD groups and supports display of SharePoint user profiles.

BEIJING, CHINA, October 22, 2009 - BoostSolutions, a leading developer of Microsoft SharePoint enhancements, today releases a new web part, SharePoint Site User Directory Web Part. By deploying the new web part in their SharePoint environment, SharePoint users are allowed to see all the users inside the chosen Active Directory groups in tree view structure, view user profiles and even print them out. With those powerful and easy-to-use functions, SharePoint Site User Directory Web Part has considerably improved SharePoint 2007 native functionality and ensures a better performance in the user directory services.

By default, SharePoint only support displaying the names of AD groups in the Site User Web Part, which means the users or user groups within those AD groups could not be enumerated. However, SharePoint Site User Directory has overcome the limitation. And, to further extend the capacity, the new web part enables presenting SharePoint user profiles, as well as supports fully customizable configuration on the Site User Directory properties. Moreover, because of the new web part, SharePoint users are able to send e-mail message, schedule a meeting, make a phone call or send an instant message to the others with less effort spending.

Except for the above capabilities, SharePoint Site User Directory Web Part is expected to deliver more value to an organization through displaying the users in an easily accessible tree view structure. “And also, the availability of several different views will provide viewers with much more information about SharePoint users than ever before,” the Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Ma at BoostSolutions commented. For example, under “status” view, users and user groups can be viewed according to their online status in the current site collection, which will definitely help optimize the communication and management within an organization. Similarly, allowing for searching for users within the web part can bring the same benefits as well.

BoostSolutions's Site User Directory Web Part is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, has cross-browser support and available in several languages.

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