List Transfer Feature List

Product Features

Bulk copy or move content (documents, list items, folders, pictures, videos, audios, document sets) between lists or libraries

Copy or move content and metadata, including item permissions, version history, attachments, and authors and timestamps

Bulk duplicate items or documents in list or library

Map columns automatically or manually; supports all column types

Supports virtual clipboard to copy and move files

Bulk copy or move content to a folder, document set or zip file

Bulk copy/move documents as item attachments

Supports access control over the use of copy and move functions

Supports logging

Supports popular list types such as Custom list, Calendar, Contacts list, Tasks list, Issue Tracking list, etc.

Supported Environments

Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Supported Languages




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