Collection Column

Overview and manipulate related items

Collection Column helps users to get a bird’s eye view of related items in one list, and enables users to add, edit or delete the related items without going to the related list.

There is a Project list which is used to track the progress.

Each project is divided into multiple subtasks, and the subtasks are stored in the Task list.

Now let’s create a Collection Column in the Project list:

Project Manager can give overview of the project and it’s subtasks on one page. Even better, Project Manager can add, edit or delete subtasks just in the Project list.

Do calculations based on related items

Each project is separated into 4 subtasks, and each subtask accounts for 25%. Now, Project Manager needs to know the project’s complete percentage.

In the Collection Column, we need to design a formula to calculate the project’s complete percentage based on the subtasks completed.

In the Formula section, type the following expression:

In the Total Settings section, select Complete column and Sum, then select the Project Complete column to save the results.

After that, Project Manager can give an overview of the project and subtasks completion as follows:

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