Languages Supported: English, German and Japanese

System Requirements

For SharePoint Server Subscription Edition:

Operating System

Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter

Windows Server 2022 Standard or Datacenter


SharePoint Release:

- Microsoft SharePoint Server Subscription Edition


Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

For SharePoint 2019:

Operating System

Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter

Windows Server 2019 Standard or Datacenter


SharePoint Release:

- Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or above

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

For SharePoint 2016:

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter X64

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard or Datacenter


SharePoint Release:

- Microsoft SharePoint Server 2016

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6


Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

For SharePoint 2013:

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard or Datacenter X64

Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1


SharePoint Release:

- Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2013 or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013

- Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or above

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Technical Notes:

  • List Advanced Filter is not available on SharePoint Foundation 2010 or 2013.

Release Notes

May 6, 2022

New Features:

- Supports SharePoint Server Subscription Edition.

Dec 23, 2021

Bug Fixes:

- Paging did not work on the second and later page in the list. (List Advanced Filter)

- The list items were not displayed after clearing the search entry. (List Advanced Filter)

Apr 28, 2021

Bug Fixes:

- Error occurred after selecting destination folder while importing documents in SharePoint 2019. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Fixed the compatibility issue with Document Maker by changing replacement mode of Dialog Title. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Fixed an issue which the first choice value was always selected after column validation failed while bulk editing properties. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Jan 19, 2020

Bug Fixes:

- Dialog Title not changes when using Group Edit in SharePoint 2016/2019.(Bulk Properties Editor)

- Lock column value did not work when content type is also locked.(Bulk Properties Editor)

- Failed to save items through item picker of Cascaded Lookup column when using Bulk/Group Edit.(Bulk Properties Editor)

- Support HTML5 for Import Dialog under IE10 browser.(Bulk Properties Editor)

- Fixed compatible issue with Bulk Zip & Unzip.(Bulk Properties Editor)

Dec 17, 2019

New Features:

- Supports SharePoint 2019.

Bug Fixes:

- Folder name is disordered in target list selector drop-down menu. (List Transfer)

Jul 17, 2018

Bug Fixes:

- Fail to open the Bulk Edit/Group Edit dialog after importing existing documents by a different user. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- In Bulk Edit dialog, unselect all columns then select managed metadata, the values of managed metadata cannot be selected. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Sep 30, 2016

New Features:

- Supports SharePoint 2016.

Oct 10, 2015

New Features:

- Supports My sites on SharePoint 2013.

Jun 25, 2015

New Features:

- Supports Norwegian. (List Transfer)

Bug Fixed:

- 'Copy To' doesn't work if the user has no enough permission on folders. (List Transfer)

Jun 9, 2015

New Features:

- Provide an option for Admins to allow user to change filter settings. (List Advanced Filter)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug that personal settings does not work after changing the List Advaned Filter in the list. (List Advanced Filter)

Nov 7, 2014

New Features:

- Support importing documents in Chrome and Firefox. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Bug Fixes:

- Bug fixed that cannot overwrite a document with the same document when Required Check Out option is enabled. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Bug fixed that cannot upload documents in folder which name contains special characters. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Aug 29, 2014

New Features:

- Support importing documents in a Document Set. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Support locking content type column when group editing items or documents. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug that users are able to check in the documents using Bulk Properties Editor without filling-in required fields. (Bulk Properties Editor)

Aug 19, 2014

New Features:

- Support Record Librarys (List Transfer)

Bug Fixes:

- Bug Fixed that users who have insufficient permissions are able to enter the List Transfer page via URL. (List Transfer)

Jun 16, 2014

Bug Fixes:

- On SharePoint 2013, resource errors occurs in the ECB menu in My Site.

- The source file cannot be deleted after the nested folder is moved.

Apr 18, 2014

Bug Fixes:

- Minor versions are missing in duplicated documents when the “Require Check Out” option is set to “Yes”. (List Transfer)

Mar 10, 2014

New Features:

- Supports Pages Library.

- Compatible with Column View Permission 4.10 and above versions. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Allows end users to set the “Fill empty fields only” option for specific properties. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Allows users to filter items in grouped view. (List Advanced Filter)

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed JQuery conflicts.

- Anonymous users cannot access a list under a sub site. (Bulk Properties Editor)

- Filter function does not work when the choice option contains a comma and space. (List Advanced Filter)

Feb 21, 2014

New Features:

- Enhanced performance for the Copy/Move function.(List Transfer)

Bug Fixes:

- JQuery conflict occurs in the Copy/Move window.(List Transfer)

- Authors and Timestamps option is greyed out in the Copy/Move Documents window.(List Transfer)

Feb 17, 2014

New Features:

- Supports to filter multiple Managed Metadata column.(List Advanced Filter)

- Supports real-time saving of multi-value choice column on the filter panel.(List Advanced Filter)

Bugs Fixed:

- Date and time cannot be cleared after clicking Reset button.(List Advanced Filter)

- An error occurs after clicking the Filter button for several times.(List Advanced Filter)

Jan 25, 2014

New Features:

- Provide a central page to manage Bulk Properties Settings at site level.

- Compatible with Document Viewer, allowing users to preview documents in Group Edit mode.

- Ability to trigger the event handler after performing Bulk Check In.

- Supports the following lists: Calendar, Custom list in Datasheet, Comments, Data Connection library, Report Document library and Record library.

- Optimized User Interface.

- Compatible with Column/View Permission.

- Optimized performance when there are many fields in Item Edit Form.

- Bulk Properties Editor can be used in Record Center.

Dec 27, 2013

New Features:

- Supports Issue Tracking list. (List Transfer)

- Supports Duplicate Item function in library. (List Transfer)

- Supports duplicating items to the current list or library. (List Transfer)

- Supports duplicating multiple items at one go. (List Transfer)

- Improved user experience in duplicating items. (List Transfer)

Bug Fixes:

- JS error appears when accessing list/library with Internet Explorer 8. (List Transfer)

- Failed to transfer content type between two libraries. (List Transfer)

- When formula "dd/mm/yy" is used, date in generated document names is formatted as "dd/mm/yyyy". (Document Number Generator)

- Error "Failed to read resource file" appears in SharePoint Log. (Item Audit Log and List Advanced Filter)

Dec 6, 2013

New Features:

- Add Empty and Not Empty in the Advanced Filter condition.

- Allows users to filter folders.

Bug Fixes:

- The Name field displays as "ID;#Filename" when using Autocomplete function in a document library.

Nov 21, 2013

Bug Fixes:

- Cannot find the Bulk Properties Editor settings page and its ribbon buttons for Issue Tracking list.

Nov 15, 2013

New Features:

- Option "Erase target version history" is available when copying or moving documents.

Nov 12, 2013

New Features:

- Hide "Preserve Authors & Timestamp" by default.

Bug Fixes:

- JavaScript error occurs in the Bulk Edit and Edit All dialog box in SharePoint 2013.

- JavaScript error occurs after clicking the people picker.

- The value is mapped incorrectly if the source column name contains a dot ".".

- Duplicate dialog boxes appear in the customized list after clicking the product buttons on the ribbon.

Nov 4, 2013

New Features:

- Provide an entry for administrator to set up default filter settings for end users on the List settings page.

- Supports Auto Complete function for Single line of text column for Advanced Filter function.

- Allows users to press the “Enter” key to execute the filter function.

- Supports Document Set Library for Advanced Filter function.

Bug Fixes:

- If the column “Title” in the target list of Cascaded lookup column has been changed, users will get an error message” Cannot find Title” after clicking the Filter button.

- If the site column contains special characters, it will disappear after clicking the Filter button.


Sep 2, 2013

New Features:

- Supports editing content type.

- Supports access control over the Edit All function.

- Supports access control over the Preserve Authors and Timestamps function.

- Compatible with Cascaded lookup and Cross-Site Lookup.

- Add item title to the email subject line when sending a document link.

- Sort the fields in the Configure Filter Panel alphabetically.


Jul 30, 2013

New Features:

- Support Japanese

- Support SharePoint 2013

- Add documents to a zip file

- Add documents as an item attachment

- Ability to control user access of copy or move functions in library or list

- Ability to change content type while bulk editing properties

- Ability to control user access of Edit All function

- Support managed metadata in Document Number Generator


Apr 18, 2013

New Features:

- Supports German

- Supports bulk modifying content types


Apr 2, 2013

New Features:

- Add advanced filter function for any SharePoint list or document library

- Zip & Unzip functionality available

- Send any documents as E-mail attachment

- Import a ZIP archive to SharePoint

- View audit log at SharePoint item or list level

- Ability to enable auto complete function for any single line of text field.

- Ability to preserve Document ID when performing move operations

- Ability to preserve authors and timestamps when performing bulk edit operations

- Copy document links to the Clipboard for document sharing

Bugs fixed:

- The metadata value for non-office file cannot be properly saved.

- The ribbon buttons are disabled after an operation.

- The metadata column values for non-office file is incorrectly mapped to a Metadata column when performing copy/move operations.


Dec 7, 2012

Initial Release

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