SharePoint Column/View Permission, one of the most powerful permission management web parts, has become much stronger than ever before

SharePoint Column/View Permission empowers SharePoint administrators to fully customize permission settings to perfectly meet organizations’ specific needs.

BEIJING, CHINA ,April 6, 2010 - BoostSolutions, a leading developer of Microsoft SharePoint enhancements, today released a huge upgrade for SharePoint Column/View Permission. As the winner of "Most Useful SharePoint Web Part" by Andy Dale SharePoint Awards 2010, SharePoint Column/View Permission has greatly leveraged the default capabilities by enabling administrators to securely store both public and confidential corporate data within the same list, which has considerably eased the permission management and hence, improved an organization’s daily operation.

SharePoint Column/View Permission provides administrators the capacity to secure access to individual columns in SharePoint list views. They are able to limit certain users’ access to specific columns by completely hiding the contents or making them "read-only". In addition, view-level permissions can be configured with the same web part as well. Totally customizable settings allows for configuring each individual list view as "visible", "read-only" or "hidden" for users with different levels of permission respectively. Even for "Action" menu, administrators now are allowed to configure in the same way. Moreover, the newest version has been equipped with the ability to assign permissions for forms. If there are columns that are expected for certain users to view only, but not editing, this new functionality makes it achievable by hiding those columns in "edit item" form, while visible again in "view item" form.

While, what makes the new SharePoint Column/View Permission a more intelligent and versatile tool lies in its strong capability in choosing specific user or user groups to assign permissions to. Not only allowing for choosing users from other sites and lists, it provides fully-customizable conditions for administrators to precisely assign custom permissions to certain departments or even an individual employee all within an intuitive interface.

SharePoint Column/View Permission is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS3.0, has cross-browser support and available in several languages. For more information, please visit SharePoint Column/View Permission.

Notice: SharePoint Permissions Boost, containing SharePoint Column/View Permission, SharePoint Permission Workflow and SharePoint Item Permission Batch, has been updated as well. To find out more about this powerful solution, please visit SharePoint Permissions Boost.

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