SharePoint Password Change & Reset Pack launched

In order to provide an integrated SharePoint Password Change solution, BoostSolutions introduced SharePoint Password Change & Reset Pack. It contains two amazing products named SharePoint Password Change & Expiration and SharePoint Password Reset respectively. The new pack offers combined features with a lower price—a 25% discount.

SharePoint Password Change & Expiration web part helps users to change their own password in SharePoint sites by themselves, eliminating the involvement of SharePoint administrators. It dramatically lifts efficiency of SharePoint password management, as well as enables administrators to focus on important work. The self service password change web part also automatically sends out notification to users when their password reaches expiration date. This feature ensures and enhances SharePoint password security.

SharePoint Password Reset, which has been released a couple of months ago, allows users to reset their forgotten password. Users can reset their password by answering a security question or, if they prefer, they can users their email account to do it.

SharePoint Password Change & Reset Pack combines all of the aforementioned benefits, enabling its users to deliver higher productivity and satisfaction. It also works with SharePoint 2010 and 2007. Moreover, the pack delivers combined features with a 25% lower price tag.

Users can download a 30 day free trial from SharePoint Password and Reset Pack.

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