SharePoint List Sync is released, enabling users to synchronize SharePoint lists in real time

Beijing, China 2011 – BoostSolutions welcomed the New Year with release of two products. One of them is SharePoint List Sync, an add-on feature that syncs items between source and target lists with the option to set permissions and conditions for each sync profile.

With List Sync, SharePoint collaborators sync their documents, folders and other files within their workgroups whenever they are edited, revised, modified or added for continuous work development. This is letting collaborators work and get updates among fellow collaborators in real-time.

Files are easily managed by a source by mapping which items or columns are to be synced to certain targets. It would be clear for target users to determine their tasks and files to handle. Attachments can also be synced; as well as item folder structure. Reverse sync is an option if users wish to sync back any modifications made from the target to the source. This is all done automatically.

List Sync lets users summarize and combine several lists into one through lookup columns. This makes an administrator view several lists in one aggregated list. Moreover, lists can be broken down into different lists based on conditions.

Confidentiality is also met as some lists are private and administrators may wish not to disclose information to other users. Permissions may be set to certain users to restrict their access to sensitive information.

List Sync is great for administrators who handle numerous teams who work on SharePoint and documents that always changes and needed constant updating. It eliminates the need to switch between many lists just to get updates. Administrators can also record and track sync log activity in downloadable Excel Sheet files.

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