BoostSolutions Announces SharePoint Document & Item Reordering for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint Document & Item Reordering greatly simplifies the process of reordering the rank of list items by allowing for manual rearrangement in all types of SharePoint lists.

BEIJING, CHINA, November 6, 2009 – BoostSolutions, a leading developer of Microsoft SharePoint enhancements, today released a new product, SharePoint Document & Item Reordering. By utilizing this new SharePoint solution, users are able to force ranking list items which means they can move certain item to a specific position directly without having to re-rank every single item. Besides, users are also allowed to enable or disable the reorder feature for each view and rearrange the rank of list items in each view separately. Undoubtedly, SharePoint Document & Item Reordering can be considered as another powerful extension to SharePoint’s native capacity for it provides users the option to manually sort list items for all types of lists and hence, has considerably simplify the whole process.

Actually, by default, SharePoint allowed user to sort list items manually, but for link lists only. However, the new solution from BoostSolutions has made this feature available for all types of lists. Now, in any type of lists, SharePoint users are able to move an item up and down, as well as move it to the top and to the bottom easily by simply clicking the corresponding buttons. But when having to deal with a larger amount of items, it is still a time-consuming job for users to press “Move up” button hundreds of times. Therefore, users are offered the option to move an item to a specific position directly, which will speed up the process and increase the efficiency.

More than that, SharePoint Document & Item Reordering has delivered more benefits to users by allowing for rearranging the rank of list items in each view individually. Accordingly, for different views, items can be rearranged in different orders based on various requirements and preferences. Another invaluable feature offered by this new SharePoint solution lies in the availability of customizable configuration on which columns in a list to be showed in reorder page. Among all the existing columns, users enable to choose the most rearrangement-related ones to be displayed in the setting page.

BoostSolutions's Document & Item Reordering is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, has cross-browser support and available in several languages.

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