Column-level Permissions

Set column-level permissions in list forms and restrict users from accessing or modifying columns in New/Edit/Display item forms that are set as hidden or read-only. Column-level permissions also works in list views, ensuring that columns are hidden in any view. Learn More

Set Permissions for Users and Groups

Set column-level permissions for users, SharePoint groups, and Active Directory groups. Also, assign column-level permissions to users represented by Person or Group fields (such as Created By, Modified By and Assign To) or anonymous users.

Set Permissions Using Conditions

With dynamic and field-based conditions, you can set permissions for individual columns based on the values of other columns, making it easy to determine if and when columns should be hidden or read-only.

Set Permissions for Dynamic Users

Set column-level permissions for dynamic users or groups selected from other lists, making it more efficient to assign permissions. You can leverage conditions to get specific users from a contact list and assign column-level permissions to them. Learn More

Set View-Level Permissions

Set permissions for list views and restrict users’ access to the specified view by hiding the view in the Context menu or view selector. Make a view read-only by disabling the “Modify this view” command in the list, thus preventing users from modifying view settings. Learn More

Set Default Views for Different Users

Set default views for different users, taking users directly to the default view when browsing a list or library.

Restrict Users from Creating Views

Disable the “Create View” command for specified users or groups, so that they cannot create public or personal views in the list.

More features to enhance your permission management:

Functional in Alert Me Emails

Column-level permissions are functional in alert me emails, ensuring hidden columns are not displayed in emails.

Exclude Users or Groups

Exclude certain users or groups from column-level or view-level permission assignment.

Applicable to Attachment

Column-level permissions can also be applied to item attachments, thus users cannot view, add or delete attachments.

Works in Datasheet View

Column-level permission also works in the Datasheet view, so that users cannot access or modify hidden or read-only columns.

Disable Certain Ribbon Buttons

Prevent users from accessing certain functions by disabling ribbon buttons, such as Datasheet View, RSS Feed, Export to Excel, Open with Explorer and more.

Hide Newly Created Views

Automatically hide new views to prevent users from visiting newly created views.

Works on Web Services

Column/View Permission is available on SharePoint web services, including Lists, Site Data and Views methods.

API for Third-party Applications

A published API (Application Programming Interface) is available. Use this API so that third-party applications will be compatible with Column/View Permission.

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