New Release of Award-winning Column/View Permission

Column/View Permission is popular as a smart way to bridge a big gap in out-of-the-box SharePoint: permissions on Columns, Views and Forms.

In many usual business situation, we have to be able to assign efficiently permissions, and do so in a targeted manner. For example permissions given to the Human Ressources people should allow them to change the position occupied by an employee, but this should not be done by a standard employee. Or employees should be able to see their own salary but not modify it nor see the one of others.

For those cases and many others, Column/View Permission is the easy shortcut to the expected result, and provides with high security standards. It can also work based on conditions: a logical formula determines if a column or a view is available for a given user. So much time and effort saved for SharePoint administrators!

This latest update provides API for better integration with BoostSolutions products and other applications. Also, the new version supports web services, including hide or read-only column and view in web services. Column/View Permission 3.0 version is now compatible with Alert Me, and can hide columns in Alert Me emails. With this version, a default view can be specified for every user. View creation or edition can be disabled. Read-only columns content is supported on datasheet view.

Check out this new version for yourself by downloading our free 30-day trial. More information and demo video on our product page.

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