Cascaded Lookup App Feature List

Product Features

Create parent-child cascaded relationships between columns, where data entered in one field filters the options available in another

Filter and sort the retrieved data based on the selected view

Filter the retrieved data by one or multiple columns in the source list

Support cross-site lookup to reference lists from any site within a site collection

Display relevant columns from the source list alongside lookup values on the New/Edit Cascaded Item form

With the option to replace default SharePoint list new/edit item forms with the app's customized forms

Supported column types: Single line of text, Number, Date and Time, Calculated (output as single line of text), system reserved fields (such as ID, Created, Modified, and Version)

Display additional columns from the source list

Convert an existing SharePoint lookup column to a Cascaded Lookup column

Convert a Cascaded Lookup column back to a SharePoint lookup column

Supported Browsers

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome

Supported Languages




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