Calculated Boost

1. Show SharePoint user details in one field

There is an employee list contains employee information:

Now employees want to see the details information of Manager, for example the manager name, work email, work phone etc. So add a Calculated Boost field and set formula like this:

Now the employee will see the manager details in Calculated Boost column, like manager’s name, title, email etc. These information are from User Information List and Calculated Boost column will show them automatically.

For more details about Formula, please refer to Condition documentation (advanced mode section): /pdf/Condition%20User%20Guide.pdf

2.Real-time calculation help you calculate dynamic data like time and current login user

A task list has two columns: Task Name and Deadline. Add Calculated Boost column ”Today” and “Days left” to show today and the days left to deadline:

Today column definition:

Days left column definition:


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