BoostSolutions announces the release of SharePoint Business Charts

BoostSolutions, a leading Microsoft SharePoint web parts and add-ons provider and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, now introduces the new release of SharePoint Business Charts 2.0, which now provides more charts types, accelerates your business decision making.

The release now offers 3 new chart types: Bubble Chart, Scatter Chart and Combo Chart. As with all BoostSolutions products, SharePoint Business Charts 2.0 now is available for a free 30 day trial download.

Business Charts provides the users ability to create charts from a SharePoint list, including 8 common charts: Bar, Column (Stacked Bar), Line, Area, Pie, Bubble, Scatter and Combo chart, offers a better way to access and analyze data.

Using Business Charts, users can create charts from different data sources, including SharePoint lists (cross site collections or farms), MS SQL and Oracle Database.

Business Charts provides the functions including SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, MAX and MIN to sort or summarize data.

Users also can group data based on interval in chart, including year, quarter, month, week and day, thus comparing the business data of different periods.

BoostSolutions is committed to tackling any difficult problems that might arise during the installation or use of SharePoint Business Charts 2.0 and is backed with a comprehensive live support function.

About BoostSolutions:

BoostSolutions, is a Microsoft®Gold Certified Partner and a leading developer of SharePoint web parts and add-ons that bridge the gap between out-of-the-box SharePoint and the custom functionality needed to make daily business operations smooth and efficient. More than 5,000 corporations plus public sector institutions from over 50 countries worldwide have successfully integrated BoostSolutions web parts and solutions into their SharePoint architecture. To learn more about BoostSolutions, please visit

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