BoostSolutions launches new product: Measured Number Column!

We BoostSolutions are proud to announce our new released product Measured Number Column. The new product enhances SharePoint’s Number column, it enables you to add a specific unit of measurement to a number to convey the meaning better. It is now available for a free 30-day trial download.

What can you get in SharePoint Measured Number Column?

1. Add a Unit Type Next to a Number

In SharePoint, numbers are only stored as abstract values in Number Columns. They cannot convey any substantial meaning. SharePoint Measured Number Column enables you to associate a unit type such as inches or pounds with a number to make it meaningful and more readable.

2. Ability to Calculate Based on Other Columns

With SharePoint Measured Number Column, you can use a formula to calculate values based on other columns and show the results with unit type. Such as calculating and showing the different days between two dates.

3. Create Your Own Unit of Measurement

You can create and customize your own units of measurements according to your company's or organization’s particular demands. Such as, clicks, people and seats can all be units of measure.

4. Support All SI Base Measurement Units

SharePoint Measured Number Column supports all 7 SI base measurement units, including time, length, mass, temperature, electric current, luminous intensity and amount of substance, you can find all commonly used units here. It also supports many derived and named units, such as hertz (Hz), pascal (Pa), degree Celsius (°C), tesla (T) and more.

5. Support Economic Measurements

SharePoint Measured Number Column supports most economic measurements, such as currency, ratio speed, ratio acceleration, money flow, money flow speed, currency exchange rate and so on.

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About BoostSolutions:

BoostSolutions, is a Microsoft ®Gold Certified Partner and a leading developer of SharePoint web parts and add-ons that bridge the gap between out-of-the-box SharePoint and the custom functionality needed to make daily business operations smooth and efficient. More than 10,000 corporations plus public sector institutions from over 90 countries worldwide have successfully integrated BoostSolutions web parts and solutions into their SharePoint architecture. To learn more about BoostSolutions, please visit

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