BoostSolutions introduced Column/View Permission 5.0 for SharePoint modern experience! 

BoostSolutions is excited to launch its latest product, Column/View Permission 5.0, specifically designed for SharePoint's modern experience. This version is compatible with both SharePoint Server 2019 and the SharePoint Server Subscription Edition. The product offers advanced permission management, enabling users to control access to SharePoint columns and views.

Column/View Permission, a top-selling product, offers a range of capabilities. Notably, it allows administrators to hide columns or views or set them to read-only, adding an extra layer of data protection. It also enables the establishment of default views for specific users or groups, enhancing the user experience through personalization. The capability to prevent users from creating views is another significant feature, reinforcing data security and management.

The integration of Column/View Permission 5.0 with SharePoint's Modern Experience is a valuable addition. The Modern Experience, renowned for its user-friendly design and enhanced productivity, is now further empowered with the advanced permissions management provided by Column/View Permission 5.0.

In conclusion, BoostSolutions' Column/View Permission 5.0 is an invaluable tool for all SharePoint users. It is designed to integrate seamlessly with the SharePoint Modern Experience across various platforms, providing advanced permission management capabilities for an improved SharePoint experience.

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About BoostSolutions:

BoostSolutions, is a Microsoft ®Gold Certified Partner and a leading developer of SharePoint web parts and add-ons that bridge the gap between out-of-the-box SharePoint and the custom functionality needed to make daily business operations smooth and efficient. More than 10,000 corporations plus public sector institutions from over 90 countries worldwide have successfully integrated BoostSolutions web parts and solutions into their SharePoint architecture. To learn more about BoostSolutions, please visit

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