BoostSolutions launches Column Permission App for SharePoint Online! 

BoostSolutions Launches Column Permission App for SharePoint Online: Enhance Data Security and Control in Lists

BoostSolutions is excited to unveil the highly anticipated Column Permission App for SharePoint Online, a robust solution designed to revolutionize data security and control within SharePoint lists. This app empowers administrators to manage user access and modification privileges.

1. With the Column Permission App, administrators gain unparalleled control over their SharePoint lists by restricting user access to specific columns. This feature ensures that sensitive or confidential information remains hidden from unauthorized users, bolstering data security and compliance measures. Furthermore, administrators can designate columns as read-only, safeguarding critical data from unwanted modifications or accidental deletions.

2. A standout feature of the Column Permission App is its ability to set permissions based on conditional values. This powerful functionality enables administrators to dynamically control column access and read-only permissions depending on the values of other columns. By leveraging this feature, organizations can enforce complex business rules and maintain strict data governance.

3. To further enhance data protection, the Column Permission App offers a range of additional functionalities. Administrators have the flexibility to disable specific functions such as exporting data to CSV or Excel, preventing unauthorized data extraction or modification. This granular control ensures that sensitive information remains within the SharePoint environment, minimizing the risk of data breaches or unauthorized dissemination.

BoostSolutions' Column Permission App is designed to seamlessly integrate with the SharePoint Online modern experience, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for administrators. With its comprehensive feature set, this app empowers organizations to achieve heightened data security, maintain compliance, and enforce strict access control policies.

Experience the power of the Column Permission App and take control of your SharePoint lists. Visit the BoostSolutions website today to learn more about this cutting-edge solution and optimize your data security strategies for SharePoint Online.

About BoostSolutions:

BoostSolutions, is a Microsoft ®Gold Certified Partner and a leading developer of SharePoint web parts and add-ons that bridge the gap between out-of-the-box SharePoint and the custom functionality needed to make daily business operations smooth and efficient. More than 10,000 corporations plus public sector institutions from over 90 countries worldwide have successfully integrated BoostSolutions web parts and solutions into their SharePoint architecture. To learn more about BoostSolutions, please visit

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