BoostSolutions launches Calendar Rollup App for SharePoint Online!

BoostSolutions Launches Calendar Rollup App for SharePoint Online: Consolidate Multiple Calendars and Simplify Event Management.

BoostSolutions is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest product, the Calendar Rollup App. This powerful app revolutionizes event management and offers a centralized solution for consolidating multiple calendars within SharePoint Online.

1. Streamline Event Management and Consolidate Multiple Calendars

The Calendar Rollup App provides users with the ability to access and organize multiple calendars in a single, centralized location. By overlaying various calendar sources, such as SharePoint calendars and Office 365 shared calendars (including Office 365 group and personal calendars), users can effortlessly view all tasks, meetings, and projects on one streamlined page.

2. Comprehensive View with Color-Coded Events

The app allows for customizable color coding, enabling users to assign distinct colors to each calendar source. This visual differentiation makes it easier to identify and distinguish calendar events associated with each entry.

3. Effortless Event Management

Once events from multiple calendar sources are combined, users can effortlessly add, edit, and delete events directly from the web part. Keeping schedules up to date and organized has never been easier.

4. Flexible Calendar Views

Offers flexible display options to suit individual preferences. Users can choose to view calendar events by day, week, month, or in agenda format. The agenda view presents a chronological list of events, allowing users to quickly access and review all scheduled activities at a glance. Additionally, users can focus on a specific calendar or simultaneously view multiple calendars for a comprehensive overview.

5. Unlimited Calendar Overlays

Unlike SharePoint Online calendars, the Calendar Rollup App has no limitations on the number of calendar overlays that can be created in a single view. Users can combine and manage as many calendars as needed on the web part. Keep in mind that the performance and usability of the calendar view may be affected by the number of overlays.

6. Granular Access Control for Privacy and Security

Users have granular control over access permissions. They can choose between SharePoint's default permission settings or restrict specific users from adding, editing, or deleting calendar events through the web part.

The Calendar Rollup App is fully compatible with SharePoint Online's modern experience, providing users with an intuitive and efficient way to manage events and consolidate calendars.

For more information about the Calendar Rollup App, please visit our website or contact our sales team at

About BoostSolutions:

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