BoostSolutions Announces Powerful New Features for SharePoint Batch Check In

Customers can update column values for all the documents they want to check in and upload at one time.

BEIJING, CHINA, July 17, 2009 – BoostSolutions, a leading developer of Microsoft SharePoint enhancements, today announces a new feature of its product, SharePoint Batch Check In. This new feature enables SharePoint users to update column values for multiple documents at one time when they use SharePoint Batch Check In to check in more than one document and upload them to a SharePoint document library. This added feature will definitely further help users enhance their efficiency and productivity.

SharePoint Batch Check In allows SharePoint users to check in multiple files at one time instead of doing it one by one. Therefore, SharePoint Batch Check In has greatly improved SharePoint default check in features by saving users lots of time when they have a large amount of checked –out documents to check in. Now, SharePoint users can not only check in and upload multiple documents at one time, but also are able to edit the document properties for those files and change the contents of those selected columns all at once.

This new feature is extremely useful during daily operation, said Jonathan Ma, the director of research and development at BoostSolutions, If users would like to change the contents of certain columns for multiple documents before they upload, even if, the changes for all the documents are the same, they still have to change each document one by one, which is quite time-consuming. However, our new feature offers a solution to this problem. Now, column values for multiple files that need to be checked in can be modified on the check–in page and the changes will be applied to all those documents simultaneously.

BoostSolutions's updated SharePoint Batch Check In is compatible with both MOSS 2007 and WSS 3.0, has cross-browser support and available in several languages.

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