SharePoint Permission Report

New SharePoint permission reporting tool developed by SharePoint Boost

Beijing, April 9, 2012:BoostSolutions, a Microsoft Golden Certified Partner, announces the release of SharePoint Permission Report, a newly developed web part, that generatesSharePoint permission reports.

SharePoint Permission Report is exactly what SharePoint users are looking for. The web part was primarily developed from customer requests and from feedback on many permission related problems appearing on forums like Microsoft Technet and CMSwire.

Based onBoostSolutions's research, it seems like the main concern of every SharePoint administrator when confronted with permissions managed,is the ability to check user/group permission without spending too much time scanning through all the different sites and lists. Permission Report solves the problem exactly, providing a way to check any user or group'spermissions in a few seconds and displaying it all on onewell –laid-out page.

For an administrator to check a user or group's permission status, just insert the user or group's name and click "Run." The report will generate and appear directly on the same page. As an added feature, administrators can use the site/list tree to scroll through all the lists and sites of the farm and find the information they need.

Fast and efficient, that what's BoostSolutions'sPermission Report is all about.

Permission Report also includes a feedback function, which allows users to comment and make suggestions about the web part. Additionally, there are sections for users to make requests for other SharePoint related tools, or even point out problems they encountered using the native SharePoint system and ask for a solution.

Listening and responding to customer feedback and requests could really be the advantage that BoostSolutions needs to become a more dominant company in the SharePoint web parts and add-onsmarket. Certainly, this responsiveness has already helped them develop one of the most useful web parts for administrators in the last few years.

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