SharePoint Calendar Rollup is released

Just less than two months after the successful rollout of SharePoint Workflow Boost, BoostSolutions is now releasing SharePoint Calendar Rollup, another web-part that greatly enhances SharePoint Calendar features.

SharePoint Calendar Rollup is a web part that lets users collect different calendar sources, such as Google calendar, SharePoint Lists and Libraries, Exchange calendar and even External lists. It would be easy to view and filter certain calendars from the web part. What’s more, it’s possible to collect unlimited number of calendars! Different calendars may be color-coded for easier viewing and management.

Another notable feature is the drag and drop option. Not only drag and drop changes the event date easily across a calendar, but dragging may also be used to change the time or coverage of an event.

Other features worth mentioning are the print button, where users can print off any calendar event; hovering a mouse over an event would display a small summary of the event; giving permissions to other users to edit add or delete calendar events.

SharePoint Calendar Rollup is a very useful feature that simplifies but is feature-packed to manage and organize SharePoint and external calendars.

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