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SharePoint AD Administration

The SharePoint AD Administration web part allows administrators to delegate user management capabilities and Active Directory administration permissions to specific users so they can create, manage, and delete users and groups, reset other users' passwords, and edit AD profile information from within a predefined OU.

SharePoint AD Information Sync 2.0

SharePoint AD Information Sync allows administrators to synchronize user account/computer profile information from Active Directory to a SharePoint list. Administrators can opt to schedule synchronization between AD and SharePoint on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis, or manually sync only after changes are made in AD.

SharePoint AD Management Pack

AD Management Pack is a suite of four powerful SharePoint administration enhancements designed to ease the burden of SharePoint administrators. Comprising of Password Change, AD Information Sync, AD Administration, and AD Self Service, AD Management Pack greatly boosts SharePoint administration productivity by delegating non-system critical tasks related to AD to users, and integrating AD operations with SharePoint.

SharePoint Alert Reminder Boost

Optimize your company's workflow by sending detailed, fully-customizable alert emails and SMS messages to users whenever an item is created, modified, or deleted. Any new content is highlighted in the notification, saving you time by making the important points easier to find, and email and SMS message reminders are automatically sent at customizable intervals to remind employees before deadlines arrive.

SharePoint AD Self Service

Enables users to view and modify their own Active Directory information from within a SharePoint web part. Administrators can fully control which properties may be edited and by whom, and can record all changes in a downloadable log file or in optional email notifications.

SharePoint Batch Check In

Bypass manually uploading and checking in each file individually with this useful SharePoint bulk check in tool that allows you check in a group of checked-out files all at one time, and upload & simultaneously check in multiple new documents.

SharePoint Cascaded Lookup

Effortlessly pull existing data from different SharePoint lists or Site Collections, add parent-child relationships to columns to allow data entered in one field to determine the options presented in another, and add or remove multiple selections from a list view with this powerful look-up tool.

SharePoint Choice Indicator

Need to set SharePoint choices with different colors, SharePoint Choice Indicator is designed for such kind of choice indicator.

SharePoint Column/View Permission

SharePoint Column/View Permission allows you to manage access to all your website content by enabling you to set field-level and view-level permission settings. With it, you can hide confidential information from certain employees or departments and limit who can view or edit list items, columns and documents.

SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup

Need to look up information from list in other site and filter Cross-Lookup field by selecting list views?

SharePoint Lookup Pack

SharePoint Lookup enhancement tool consists of SharePoint Cross-Site Lookup and SharePoint Cascaded Lookup.

SharePoint Item Permission Batch

Item Permission Batch allows SharePoint administrators to assign item-level permissions to users and user groups for all items in a SharePoint list as well as quickly remove all custom permission settings within a specific list and restore defaults for specified users or user-groups in bulk.

SharePoint List Collection

Roll up pertinent list items from multiple lists across a site collection into a single, auto-updating data view that you can filter, group, sort and display according to your specifications. You can choose to include or exclude individual columns, lists or views, or display information in a standard, Calendar, or Gantt view. All changes are automatically synchronized with the source data, ensuring that everything is accurate and up-to-date.

SharePoint List Sync

SharePoint List Sync

Manage and share your SharePoint lists among collaborators and sync in real-time as changes and modifications from your target team is constantly updated; modifications from target may be synced back to source list with Reverse Sync. Lists and tasks from source are easily delegated by syncing user-specified target columns. Moreover, sync only items that match preset conditions.

SharePoint Lookup Tracker

In an overview page to list all information related to an item, not only items from which this item looks up, but also all items which look up information from this item.

SharePoint Outlook add-on

SharePoint Outlook Integration

SharePoint Outlook Integration effortlessly integrates emails and attachments in Outlook with SharePoint lists and libraries, thereby facilitating the transfer of crucial business information from personal mailboxes to a centrally managed and secure repository.

SharePoint Password Change & Expiration

SharePoint Password Change is a powerful password change web part, allowing users to change their own passwords without administrator intervention. Administrators can set detailed password policies, including length and security requirements, and configure notifications to alert users before their passwords expire.

SharePoint Permissions Boost

SharePoint Permissions Boost is the all-in-one solution for SharePoint permissions management. With it, administrators can configure view-level, form-level, and item-level permissions for any SharePoint list.

SharePoint Permission Workflow

Automatically assign permissions to users and user groups for items in a SharePoint list as they are created or modified, or retroactively apply item-level permissions for previously existing items within a SharePoint list.

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor Free

SharePoint Project Progress Monitor visually enhances the status of a SharePoint project or task by displaying numerical data graphically in the form of percentage-based bars.

SharePoint Project Timer

Remind your project team of upcoming milestones with the SharePoint Project Timer web part, which graphically counts down to your project target date.

SharePoint RichText Boost

Add flash movies, images, and other complex content to SharePoint list columns directly and automatically resize the rich text editor area without making changes to list settings.

SharePoint Text Size Zoom

Text Size Zoom is a versatile web part that makes lengthy SharePoint lists more accessible by quickly and easily changing the default text size displayed on a SharePoint site. Increase or decrease the text size with one simple click!

SharePoint View Boost Free

Collapse and expand SharePoint columns in a standard list view.

SharePoint Wiki Redirect Free

SharePoint Wiki Redirect provides an easy way to toggle between different versions of a wiki page, letting you control whether the latest edited version or the last approved version is displayed by default.

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