Central Locale to Manage Permissions

Check, grant and edit permissions for SharePoint users or groups on a centralized platform without going through each site, list or item individually; efficiently controlling access to SharePoint content at various levels.

Export/Import Site, List or Item Permission Settings

Export permission settings from a SharePoint site, list or item for recovery or as templates so that you can import them to another SharePoint site or list for quick permission assignment.

Manage Permissions in Bulk

Manage permissions in bulk by adding, removing, cloning or changing permissions for users or groups on multiple SharePoint sites, lists or items. You can also import permissions for multiple sites, lists or folders at once.

Search User Permissions at Different Levels

Quickly search user permissions at site, list or folder levels. You can also export search results as an excel file for reporting and managing user permissions directly based on search results.

Central Management of Groups and Users

Manage SharePoint groups and users from a single interface. You can view, create, edit, delete and export SharePoint groups from a site collection; add users to/remove them from a SharePoint group; and delete/export users from a site collection and check memberships for users.

Clean up Dead Users from a Site Collection

Clean up and remove all users or groups that still have permissions within SharePoint even though they have been removed or disabled from the Active Directory with one click.

Copy/Move Users between SharePoint Groups

Instead of adding users one by one into SharePoint group, you can now directly and easily copy or move users from one SharePoint group to another in site collection.

Manage Column/View Permissions

With BoostSolutions star product, Column/View Permission, you can control user access to columns and views, preventing confidential data leaks and safeguarding sensitive information.

Distribute Management Privilege to other Users

Assign administration privileges to specific users so that they can manage permissions thus greatly reduce an administrator’s workload.

Track Each Operation in Logs

Permission Manager automatically records each operation in logs. You can conveniently check log details to get feedback about an operation as well as any problems that may be occurring.

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