Password Change & Reset Pack Part 1: Password Change

Simple and Easy to Use

Users can easily change their own password without an IT administrators help, thus reducing an IT administrators’ workload. With just one step users can quickly change their password in seconds, saving valuable time.

Supports Multiple Authentication Providers

SharePoint Password Change & Expiration Web Part supports Active Directory Domain Services, NT Directory Services, SqlMembershipProvider and LdapMembershipProvider.

Send Password Expiration Notification Emails

Proactively notify users when their passwords are about to expire. Notification email can be customized and scheduled to be sent automatically when passwords are about to expire.

Supports Company-Specific Password Policy

An option is provided to display your company’s password policy helping you to enforce your company’s security policy. Customizable error messages warn users if a new password does not meet the password policy.

Send Password Change Confirmation Emails

Customizable confirmation emails let users’ know if their password has been successfully changed. This also serves as an early warning system for those who may have had their account hacked.

Track Password Changes

A log is available to track password changes and to monitor password change activities. You can check a password’s change history including when a password was changed, who changed it and the nature and result of the change.

Password Change & Reset Pack Part 2: Password Reset

Easy to Access and Use

This simple web part can be added to any SharePoint page for easy access. Users can reset their password right on the page by themselves with no need to go to IT or administrators for help.

Supports Multiple Authentication Providers

Password Reset supports Active Directory Services, NT Directory Services and SqlMembershipProvider. AD users, local users and SQL membership users can reset password for themselves.

Two Ways to Reset a Password

Users can reset their passwords via answering predefined security questions or by receiving confirmation emails that indicate a password reset link. This allows users to safely reset their passwords using ID verification.

Customizable Security Questions

Up to three security questions can be set to verify a user’s identity. Administrators can also customize default security questions for users or users can define their own security questions.

Auto-Generate New Passwords

Complex new passwords can be automatically generated. Users will receive new passwords directly on the password reset page or via emails once their identities are confirmed.

Supports Alternative Emails

To receive a new password or password-recovery link through email, an AD Authentication user, Local Authentication user and Forms Based Authentication user can define an alternate or secondary email address.

Force Users to Change Password

For security reasons you can force users to change their password on their next logon. This not only enforces security, but also allows users to easily remember passwords they themselves changed.

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