​When content approval feature is turned on in SharePoint list/library, there will be a default column [Approval Status] out there which contains three values: Pending, Rejected and Approved.

How to set up the values for column [Approval Status] in Alert Reminder Boost condition? 


​Column [Approval Status] has corresponding values in below table:

Status Internal Value
Approved ​0
Rejected/Denied ​1
Pending ​2
Draft ​3
Scheduled 4


To set up condition like:

[Approval Status] == "Approved" || [Approval Status] == "Rejected"

You need to set it up as below:

[Approval Status] == "0" || [Approval Status] == "1"

(With or without double quotation marks both works for version before 3.0.)

For versions after 3.0, you need to set up as following:

[Approval Status] == 0 || [Approval Status] == 1


Applies for: SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007

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