After the installation, either the Column Permission or View Permission doesn’t work at all, the permission doesn’t take effect.


​There are 5 possible reasons:


1.       Check if the Column/View Permission is deployed to the current web application (under Central Administration page -> System Settings -> Manage Farm Solutions)


2.       Check if the Column/View Permission feature is activated in site collection features page in which the site collection the product will be used.

3.       Permission won’t take effect for Site Collection Admin, please make sure you log on SharePoint as a normal users (not Site Collection Admin).

4.       Check if the ‘Site Actions’ is hidden in your master page, or any customization has been made that affect the ‘Site Actions’ button.

5.       The product does not work with compatible mode. For example, SharePoint 2010 with V3 mode, that means you work with SharePoint 2010, but the User Interface looks like SharePoint 2007. The same as the SharePoint 2013 with SharePoint 2010 User Interface.


If you checked all listed reasons, and there are not your issue, please kindly contact our support team.

Applies for: SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2007

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