Provides 4 Validation Types

SharePoint Form Validation provides 4 standard validation types for input values check when users create a SharePoint list item in New-Form or edit an item in Edit-Form. They are Required Validation, Regular Expression Validation, Compare Validation, and Range Validation.

Regular Expression Validation

SharePoint Form Validation provides the regular expression validator to check whether inputted value is against a regular expression. Users can create the regular expressions to match email address, phone number, zip code and more. Even better, Form Validation lists frequently-used regular expressions in the settings page.

Compare Validation

Compare Validator plays an important role when data are set to be compared with each other. It allows users to compare the entered value with the value entered into another column, or with a constant value.

Range Validation

Range Validator makes effect when it is required that some value of data should be in a range. It can check the ranges within integers, doubles, dates and strings.

Required Validation

Required Field Validator is used for setting whether some column should not be null.

Supports Various List Column types

For most columns in a list, users can apply above four validations, such as "Required Validation", "Compare Validation", "Regular Expression Validation" and "Range Validation", and customized warning error messages.

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