Self-Update User Profile

End users can update their own profile in SharePoint without intervention from administrators or help desk. This self service capability requires no technical training for end users. Most popular properties are supported including telephone, email, department, address and so on.

Support Most Popular Properties

Users can quickly change properties, including telephone, email, department, address and so on. Users can also update their photo on the AD Self Service Web Part. Supported formats include JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF.

Group AD Properties Using Tabs

Tabs are used to group AD properties. The web part owner can add, delete, and edit the tabs as well as the properties in them, drag-n-drop the tabs or properties to adjust their display orders as needed.

Set Properties as Editable or Read-Only

You can restrict users from accessing or modifying specific properties. Properties can be set as editable, if you want users to update it, or read-only, if you want to restrict users.

Monitor Property Changes

Administrators can be alerted via emails or log system of any modifications of AD information that could be harmful, such as unauthorized password changes or resets. Detailed and organized changes or change attempts are recorded in the log files.

Real Time Web Analytics