Lookup Information Across Sites

Enhancing SharePoint lookup functionality, Cross-Site Lookup allows you to look up and pull information from any site in a site collection and broadens your lookup scope for maximum data reuse.

Filter Retrieved Items by View

Filter items by selecting the view in lookup field, which enables you to focus on a subset of items in a target list helping you to refine your choices.

Easy to Search Target Items

Automatically search records based on what you type, helping you quickly locate the target record.

Quick Item Creation

Add new items to the target list quickly via the "Create new item" link, without the need to go to the referenced list and then add items to it.

Additional Features make Cross-Site Lookup easy

Additional features enable you to use Cross-Site Lookup easily by removing duplicate values in the lookup column for effective retrieval and converting columns between Cross-Site Lookup, Cascaded Lookup and standard SharePoint Lookup.

Manageable in MS Office Apps

With Cross-Site Lookup 4.0 and above, you can manage Cross-Site Lookup columns in Microsoft Office applications including Excel, Access, Word and SharePoint Workspace. (Please refer to: Technical Notes for more details.)

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