Seamlessly integrate SharePoint and Outlook with SharePoint Outlook Integration 2.0

Beijing, China- July 17, 2011 A month after the release of SharePoint Workflow Boost, BoostSolutions announces the release of SharePoint Outlook Integration version 2.0, a web-part to allow Microsoft's SharePoint and Outlook to work together more efficiently.

Imagine dragging an email, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes from Outlook and dropping it into SharePoint's libraries - it's that easy. This has allowed for simplifying your teamwork by sharing your outside collaborators e-mails inside your company using a centralized data foundation. Easily access your SharePoint lists and libraries from within Outlook, as long as you have authorization. It also allows employees to have a single location access to Outlook and SharePoint increasing company's productivity. As SharePoint is an investment for most companies, this integration allows for convenience as well as a great return on your investment.

In a world where business and technology is advancing so fast, wouldn't it be reassuring to always have a secure storage for your important e-mails and attachments? Your digital world needs to be prepared for situations where there is a malicious virus or system failure that could cost you thousands of dollars. Outlook Integration allows you to quickly backup your most important e-mails and attachments using SharePoint. Outlook Integration does just that, it allows you to keep lists and libraries of vital e-mails on SharePoint for archival and backup purposes.

Using this product will not only increase your company's productivity through single location access, centralized e-mail or attachment sharing, but it also provides an easy way to back up your e-mails or attachments through a specified SharePoint library. Feel free to download your free trial of BoostSolutions's Outlook Integration today.

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