Resize the Rich Text Editor Field

Increase or decrease the height or width of the Rich Text Editor field with several handy buttons from the toolbar, thus allowing you to quickly fit large text, pictures and tables. For convenience, the integrated memory function of RichRext Boost will store the adjusted size.

Ability to Insert Flash Content

With RichText Boost, it is possible to insert flash content. After you insert flash content and save the item, you will be able to see the content running every time the item is displayed.

Insert & Share Images, Flash and Hyperlinks

Upload and insert images, flash and hyperlinks to any rich text field directly from the Rich Text Editor toolbar without entering an URL. Inserted files will be saved as item attachments making them easier to find and share.

Resize Images and Flash When Uploading

RichText Boost provides the options to preserve the original dimensions or resize an image or flash as they are uploaded, so you don’t need to adjust the size of an image or flash manually.

Insert Files as Hyperlinks

You can easily upload and insert files as Hyperlinks. The files will be saved as item attachments and the hyperlinks coupled with document icons (optional) will be added into the Rich Text Editor area.

User Friendly Configuration

The customizable Rich Text Editor control panel allows you to enable or disable RichText Boost functionality at site level and even apply default settings for the whole site collection. You can also tailor the functionality for individual lists from list settings.

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