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Which products should we develop next, please vote

  BoostSolutions is considering producing a new line of innovative add-ons and web parts. We want your feedback. Which products would you like to see produced? Something not on our list; that’s okay, you can send us your suggestions on some products we should consider.   Here are the products we are currently considering: SharePoint […]


SharePoint Classifier and its Components: A powerful document manager and what it can do for you

Out-of-the-Box SharePoint versus SharePoint Classifier Out-of-the-box SharePoint gives you Bulk Check in, the ability to fill in information but no auto-complete or other functions and basic filters to find information. With these you can get started with managing your documents but you will quickly realize that these functions instead of helping you are in fact […]


Free Web Parts and Tools to enhance your SharePoint

Last week we looked at fun free web parts that you could add to your SharePoint environment. This week let us take a look at some more free web parts that can enhance your SharePoint.   Colligo Reader by Colligo On the go and can’t connect to SharePoint. No Problem! With Colligo Reader you can […]

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Fun free web parts to make your SharePoint cool

Who doesn’t like a bit of fun? Does your SharePoint environment look a little sad? Does your SharePoint environment need a little pick me up? Well don’t worry! Here are some interesting little things that can make your SharePoint environment a little happier, a little cooler and well just a little bit more fun.   […]


Recent study shows that SharePoint has room for improvement in its search functions

A recent study conducted by MindMetre and Smartlogic was commissioned to understand how SharePoint was meeting expectations of organizations utilizing SharePoint to quickly find information. This study points out that SharePoint is still falling behind in terms of search functionality. Although numerous users have pointed out SharePoint’s faults in this area, there are still many […]

SharePoint Content Types

SharePoint Content Types

Introduction to SharePoint Content Types As the name suggests, content types are about SharePoint content. In the SharePoint world content is everything. Content on the SharePoint server includes everything from documents to contacts, from tasks to calendar items. All of this content can easily turn messy if it’s not managed correctly. So what methods are […]