Fun free web parts to make your SharePoint cool

Who doesn’t like a bit of fun? Does your SharePoint environment look a little sad? Does your SharePoint environment need a little pick me up? Well don’t worry! Here are some interesting little things that can make your SharePoint environment a little happier, a little cooler and well just a little bit more fun.



Daily Dilbert” SharePoint Web Part by Amrein Engineering


This fun little Web Part brings a little “Daily Dilbert” into your SharePoint environment. Make your day a little happier and give your users the ability to view a different comic strip every day.


Hello Web Part by Bamboo Solutions


Welcome users to your SharePoint site with a personalized greeting including their name. This web part can be customized to greet users in any language and the greetings can change depending on the time of day.


World Clock and Weather Web Part by Bamboo Solutions


This fun little web part allows you to display the local time and weather for different cities around the globe.


Virto Clock and Weather Web Part by Virto Software


For something a little more local, this web part allows you to display your local time, weather forecast, humidity, and so on. Additionally it can also display world clocks and weather as well.

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