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  1. loganathan
    loganathan at |


    I have tried this link. I got an error, when add an user into USERPOLICY. Please help me to solve the issue.

  2. Khank
    Khank at |

    I did all of the following steps but when i try to log in using the sign in dialog i receive the error that I or the users I have given rights to the test sight are already signed in. I attempted to log in as a different user but receive the same error. Do you have any idea what this could possibly mean?

  3. Mitchell
    Mitchell at |

    I did all of the following steps but when I try to steps 6 .

    I did not see this option “intranet”


    My English is poor, please understand

  4. BoostSolutions
    BoostSolutions at |

    In default, there only a default Zone after you create a Web Application,, if you want to use other zone, you can extend a web application to other zone. the detail is as the picture show.

  5. konman726
    konman726 at |

    There is nothing in the role manager. Is this not needed?

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