Maintain AD user information in SharePoint without Admin interfering

I introduced how to manage users in a SharePoint list by Ad Information Sync previously, without setting up any permissions for employee to prevent them checking other’s information in the list. With Ad Self Service, admins don’t need to worry about the privacy part.

The OOTB SharePoint doesn’t support to access to AD, not to mention the maintenance. we may achieve this by adding this web part into our SharePoint page so that user can update their information and only their own. This web part lists out the common fields that we need:


This is a similar interface as we see in AD, but we can do more with this web part. Administrator is able to limit the access to specific fields, as read-only for instance. The screenshot below shows the three fields are not editable by the logged user:



To avoid misspelling, we can also set the field as a drop-down style, as the Office field below:



This web part reads information directly from AD, no synchronization delay for information updating. The modifications made from the SharePoint side will be transferred back to AD immediately.

Another advantage for this web part is that user can upload their own photo simply by clicking the thumbnail section:



It directs to the upload page:



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