How to check the email of SP user when you trigger email for Alert Reminder Boost or Password Change


For quite a bunch of products from Boostsolutions, like Alert Reminder Boost, Password Change, email will be triggered to be sent to users of Sharepoint.

And sometimes the truth is The right user accounts did not receive emails.

Why it happened? The answer is the email of user account is not the one as you thought.

Here are the steps to find out the email accounts:

1 Please log on as administrator and go to site settings -> people and groups

Change the url to make the MembershipGroupId=0, like

change it from

You’ll get a list like this:

2 Please go to list settings and create a standard view:



3 After checking the work mail, you’ll get a list with work email accounts. That’s exactly the mail which the emails are supposed to be sent to.






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