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  1. Jiniv
    Jiniv at |

    I followed above steps
    My search is not working
    can you please help me ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Jiniv Thakkar

  2. Jiniv
    Jiniv at |

    Hi there,

    It did not failed,also there was no error.

    I followed all the steps and successfully executed them.

    But when I tried to search on mysite,no results for search were displayed 🙁

    Is there any more setting that needs to be done on site ? like turning a feature On or so ?
    Also please let me know what can I search ? is it List Items ? Librarie documents ? what can be searched by following above steps ?
    Really appreciate your reply 🙂 Thanks



  3. Santosh K Garg
    Santosh K Garg at |

    Excellent Article to enable search in SharePoint site Thanks to share this Article………

  4. kevin
    kevin at |

    Hi Jiniv,

    Once you finished the SSA creation you have to configure with SERVICE CONNECTION.(go to manage web application – select the respective web app = go to Ribbon and select the SERVICE CONNECTION where 2 groups are available 1.default 2.custom select custom and select the search service application which you have created) now go for crawling process…this will work definitely. (I think he forgot to mention about service connection)

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