Color code calendar events on Calendar Rollup Web Part

Recently, BoostSolutions announced the release of Calendar Rollup 3.0 for SharePoint 2010/2013/2016. One great feature is that users have more options to color code the events not only based on the event types.

Calendar Rollup 3.0 enables users to color code the events based on multiple column types, such as Single Line of Text, Number, Yes/No. This feature is very useful in following scenarios.

Scenario 1:

There are a lot of events recorded in a Calendar list, and I want to set the events color as green when the event title contains “Training”.

In “Customize Color Scheme” section, I specify the scheme as “Title contains training”, and set the background color as green, text color as white.


After that, the events contain “Training” will be shown as green in calendar as following.


Scenario 2:

In the calendar, I want to mark the tasks as red when the task complete is 100%.

In “Customize Color Scheme” section, specify the scheme as “%Complete Is equal to 1”, and set the background color as red, text color as white.


And then, the tasks which complete is equal to 100% will be shown as red in calendar as following.


Scenario 3:

When I record events on calendar, I want to distinguish the private and public events with different colors. There is a column named as Public, and the column type is Yes or No. when I select Yes, means that event is public, and the color should be blue.

In “Customize Color Scheme” section, specify the scheme as “Public Is equal to Yes”, and set the background color as blue, text color as white.


And then, the public events will be shown as following.



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  1. Erika Taylor
    Erika Taylor at |

    I always use color coding to structure my calendar (I even use it for my spreadsheets or offline notes), so this feature is more than welcome!

  2. Calendar Girls 2003 subscene
    Calendar Girls 2003 subscene at |

    Thank You

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