SharePoint 2016 New Features – Image and Video Previews

SharePoint Server 2016 is released with numerous new features, image and video preview is one of them. When you upload images and videos to a document library in SharePoint server 2016, you can see a preview by hovering the mouse over the image or video, or by clicking on them.

In this blog, I will introduce this new feature.

First, create a document library and name it as File Library.

And then, upload some images to the document library.


Click one of the images in the library, you will see a preview of the image in popup as following.


Click Close to return the document library.

Now, I upload a video in the document library.


And then, click the video in the library. A popup will open as following.


In the context menu, you can stop/play the video, change volume or enter full-screen mode.


About BoostSolutions Document Viewer

BoostSolutions introduced Document Viewer firstly in 2013, which support previewing PDF, images, MS Office documents (Word/Excel/PPT) in document library.

With BoostSolutions Document Viewer, you can zoom in, zoom out and set zoom value on the document or file, and can share/download the files while previewing files.




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